Shoulder Pain Treatment in Cloverdale Surrey

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The major shoulder joint, the glenohumeral, is a ball-and-socket joint. It gets its name from the humerus, the upper arm bone's humeral head, which has a ball-like form. This ball inserts into the bone of the shoulder blade, which serves as the socket, allowing your shoulder to move in a variety of directions.

But when related to other ball-and-socket joints, like the hip, the shoulder socket is quite tiny. The muscles that surround it and are in control of it are connected to the bones by powerful cords called tendons.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Surrey by Our Trained Physical therapist

Our therapist will assess your strength and range of motion, evaluate your functional skills (such reaching up and behind your back), inquire about your objectives, and create a customised treatment plan to ease your shoulder discomfort and restore your mobility.

Physical therapy remedies for shoulder discomfort may involve stretching, strengthening, and joint mobilization/stabilization. Your physical treatment regimen may also include the use of heat, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or sports tape.

Additionally, a physical therapist in Surrey may offer guidance on altering one's exercise level and workplace ergonomics. During your treatment sessions, we will work with you to develop a thorough home fitness regimen that will help you maintain your quality of life.

Your amount of discomfort and how it has impacted your range of motion will determine your course of treatment. Physiotherapy might be beneficial, but you could also require pain medication. You could require a course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines if you experience a flare-up, when your disease suddenly gets worse.

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