Sports Injury Treatment in Cloverdale, Surrey, BC

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The most frequent causes of knee discomfort include overuse, accidents, and arthritis. Knee pain can occur at any age, but older individuals are more prone to suffer it because of osteoarthritis, a disorder characterised by joint deterioration.

Knee Pain Treatment in Surrey by Our Expert Physiotherapist

The majority of the time, knee pain may be treated at home. However, more severe conditions need medical care, perhaps surgery.

Don’t Worry!

We recommend that you get treatment for your knee pain at our Surrey Clinic by Our Experts Physiotherapist.

Your knee will become more stable if the muscles surrounding it are strengthened. Our physician could suggest physical therapy or different types of strengthening exercises, depending on the specific ailment that is giving you suffering.

If you play a sport or are physically active, you may need to do certain exercises to develop proper technique for your sport or activity and to modify movement patterns that may be harming your knees. Additionally important are workouts to boost stability and flexibility.

Our best physiotherapist could advise the following therapies:

  • A regimen of exercises created just for you; depending on what is causing your knee discomfort, this may take some time.
  • Application of adhesive tape over the kneecap is required for kneecap taping, which modifies how the kneecap sits or moves.
  • Knee braces are available from internet merchants, pharmacists, and sports stores, however they are not appropriate for all types of knee issues or for everyone.

If you're unsure about whether a brace is right for you, just visit our Surrey clinic.

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