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TMJ, also known as temporomandibular joint problems, is a condition that can make it exceedingly challenging to move your jaw. You won't be able to comfortably open and close your mouth because your jaw will pain. As you talk, yawn, or chew food, you could also hear "grabbing" or clicking.

TMJ symptoms usually develop over time without a clear damage or trigger. It's possible that the pain begins after eating a hard item. The pain is frequently sporadic in nature and usually begins after extending your mouth widely, as you might when yawning, or utilising your jaw to chew hard foods.

The pain experienced while moving the jaw is one of the TMJ disorder's most evident symptoms. However, other signs of a TMJ condition may include headaches or migraines, a stiff neck or back, earaches, or ear discomfort that radiates to the cheekbones.

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An initial assessment will take place on your first appointment with our experts for your TMJ. We will discuss your condition in detail. Surrey physical therapist will enquire about the origin of your jaw pain as well as what activities make it better or worse.

We might treat your jaw pain with a variety of massage techniques. Your jaw muscles, facial muscles, neck muscles, and shoulder muscles can all be massaged. The purpose of massage is to loosen up the muscles and increase blood flow to them so that your temporomandibular joint can move normally.

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