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Whiplash is a pain to the neck caused by sudden movements in any direction. It could happen as a result of a car accident or during a variety of other activities where the body is subjected to external stress. It is not unusual to have pain, stiffness, and even referred neurological problems.

Early involvement in terms of therapy yields the finest outcomes, as our skilled teams of physios are aware of. You do not have to wait for a referral from your insurance company if you have had a whiplash injury. You may really refer yourself to us, and we advise doing so as soon as possible. Your whiplash injury will frequently react and heal more quickly if you get medical attention for it as soon as possible. Thus, early intervention is crucial. We will provide you with a receipt for your care so you may submit your bill to the insurance provider and request a reimbursement for your costs, which includes physiotherapy, which is a totally acceptable expense.

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If you are unaware about this Injury, a reputable and ideal doctor is suggested for you. Therefore, Whiplash Injury Treatment in Surrey is the ideal choice to receive quick and effective care without any problems.

Anyone can feel better by physical therapy, and it might also stop subsequent injuries. Our physical therapist will lead you through exercises to build up your muscles, straighten your spine, and regain your range of motion.

Each client may require a unique quantity of physical therapy sessions. Additionally, Surrey physical therapist can design an at-home workout programme just for you.

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We also offer direct billing for this service.